Art from the heart of Mary Jo Leisure, feeling and experiencing the inspiration that surrounds her life, she shares her joy of painting, what inspires her to create and challanges you to see the beauty around you, reflecting the inspiration in your artwork.

Diary of a Painter Archives

Diary Archives

Painting is an expression of one's feelings. It can take you to another place at another time. Art comes from your heart, mind and soul. I hope you will enjoy reading My Diary of a Painter. I write periodically so I hope you will visit often My desire is for you to feel and experience the inspiration that is all around you.


Back Looking Out the Window on the 4th Floor

I was in the middle of a snow storm.
It was a white out.
Beautiful but frightening,
my knuckles were white,
still with many miles to go,
probably another hour and a half.
that is if nothing happened.

The roads in town were better.
I came upon "my tree",
leaves gone, white bark, standing tall and strong.
Like a bright light,
beautifully surrounded with the pure white snow.
It was a beautiful sight to behold
on this treacherous day.

I parked and hurried to ICCU No. 3.
We waited to return to 4604.
It was a quiet and sad time.
The pain was great,
the night was long,
the snow was falling.
I could see the Plaza Christmas lights on the buildings
outside his 4th floor room.

My mind went back to when I was 16,
when we first met.
Our wedding day;
our trip to England on the USS Darby,
and our wild ride on the Atlantic Ocean.
Our first born in London
so many miles from home.
Special walks together in the fog,
to Golders Green
for corn beef sandwiches.

Excited and planning our future together,
not knowing all the hurts
that were waiting for us in the background,
our first purchased home,
in Shawnee, Kansas,
making Grandview Christian our church home for the 6 of us.

Joys and more joys we shared together,
camping trips, baseball games, and school plays,
our trip to Maine
when the car roof caved in.
We were a family and we still are a family,
moving from Kansas to Oklahoma, to Texas.

Dr. Pombo
his first cardiologist,
shocking us with the IHSS diagnosis.
Dr. Denton Cooley performing open heart surgery in 1979
in Houston, Texas.

Returning home to Kansas in 1984
to Cedar Crest, our dream home
high on a hill
with an awesome
panoramic view of sunrises, sunsets and rainbows.

After 17 years high on that hill
life began to change.
God had different plans for us.
We moved into our beautiful little home in town,
sitting on the porch
in our white rocking chairs,
watching the world go by.

Many trips to the doctor's offices and hospital rooms.
Now I am back looking out the wondow
on the 4th floor,
looking at the full moon
and snow on the ground
reminiscing our life of 57 years together.

(Harold died at home, where he wanted to be On December 22, 2008

Mary Jo Leisure, December 10, 2008

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