Mary Jo Leisure's giclee prints, on canvas or paper, are available for purchase in her online shop, the Avenue of the Arts.

The Giclee Gallery

Giclee is a French word that describes the process of making fine art prints from a digital source.

The Giclees in the Twelve Months of Roses Collection are no longer available. They are displayed here so that you can view them as a collection.

I do have some other Giclees that are available in paper prints and are also printed on canvas. If you are interested, you can find these Giclees for purchase in the Avenue of the Arts.

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Snow White

This is the first Giclee in my Twelve months of Roses. I am excited about this new collection of works at the beginning of this a new year. I feel I am always reaching, always planning, always dreaming, always designing. This seems to be this painter's way of life. This year I am offering something new. I am designing and making available a new Giclee' each month of my roses with added touches. THE SIZE AND THE PRICE WILL BE DIFFERENT EACH MONTH. You do not have to commit to an entire year so you will be able to choose the ones you wish to collect. However, they will only be available to be purchased that specific month and will not be offered again. January's print however, is an exception since it is so late in the month. Because of this I will extend the availability time until the end of February.

Decorative Art Gallery Artwork by Mary Jo Leisure    Landscape Gallery Artwork by Mary Jo Leisure

Contact Mary Jo Leisure

Mary Jo Leisure
103 E. 6th St.
Pleasanton, KS 66075
Phone: (913) 352-6706

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Mary Jo Leisure, Decorative Artist, Pleasanton, Kansas